Rescue Axe:

Our famous Rescue Axe is a light weight tool designed to force entry by cutting metals and sheets, prying, enlarge opening, twist off latches and locks etc.

It is a must tool for rescue and ventilate, saving time waiting for help.

The Rescue Axe is a small and light weight tool and fit most needs of rescue.

The Rescue Axe parts are made of heat treated high alloy steel for max. Resistance and strength, it is equipped with a non-slip grip handle for comfortable and friendly use.

Weight: ~ 3 Kg
Length (close position): 48cm
Length (open position): 67cm
The kit contain 3 parts: Axe body, Standard Claw and Cutting Claw

The Rescue Axe is being used frequently by the Israeli Military rescue units and was designed specially for their needs.

Rescue Axe Rescue Axe

Standard carton packing

Rescue Axe